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At J&J Construction, we realize that every property has a different set of needs. Our job is to understand your unique needs so we can formulate the most cost effective renovation for your dollar. 

With our well rounded experience and extensive knowledge in multi-family renovations we have designed a team to not only make your renovation process easier, but to also bring more value, quality and consistency to the industry. 

Our on-site teams ensure that quality and efficiency are met within the time frame given to provide a renovation experience that is handled with integrity and consistency from start to finish.

Let us show you what a quality renovation is supposed to look like!

Customized Move-In Packages!

Moving is a hassle. So to make your new residents feel at home from the moment they walk in the door, we provide a customized move in gift that tailors to their every need. Our team has specifically designed this package to provide all the necessary ingredients to start their new home. Our goal is to leave a lasting impression for your new residents from day one.